Deleting and Adding a Camera

How to delete a camera

There may come a time that you need to remove a camera from your account either temporarily or permanently. This can be done in just a few steps, depending on if your camera is online or offline. When Mini cameras are offline, they will display a "Camera Offline" message on the Home screen.

The following explains how to delete your camera when it's online.

1. From the Home screen, tap on the settings icon camera settings iconnext to the camera you want to delete.

Delete Camera

2. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and tap on the red Delete Camera button. You will be prompted to verify that you want to remove the camera.

Delete Camera

3. Tap DELETE to remove the camera and be brought back to the home screen.

If you plan on adding the camera again to this system or another system, be sure that you remove the batteries for at least 15 seconds before attempting to add the camera.

The following explains how to delete your camera when it's offline.

1. On the Home screen, tap on the "Camera Offline" notification button.

2. Tap on the red "Delete" button at the bottom of this screen. You will be prompted to verify that you want to remove the camera.

3. Tap DELETE to remove the camera and be brought back to the home screen.

4. If you are deleting a Mini camera, unplug the power cord to clear any old settings.

After your camera is successfully deleted, you will receive an email confirmation with the camera's name and serial number.

To reactivate a deleted camera, you may use the normal process of adding a camera, the instructions are here.

How to add a camera

After you install the Blink mobile App and add a system with a Sync Module, the camera is added next.

Click this link if you are Adding the Blink Video Doorbell to your system‍.
Follow this link, if you are installing the Blink Mini.

If you have not installed the phone app and added a Sync Module, please return to the previous step.

To add a camera or other device, you will need to enter its Serial Number by using your camera to scan a QR code, or you can enter it manually. Click to learn earn how to find the serial number on your device.

A word about batteries. For the best experience, use two fresh, size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries in the camera. Lithium-Ion (li-Ion) and other battery types like Alkaline, Ni-Mh, or rechargables, are not compatible with Blink cameras. Only Lithium batteries provide the power that Blink products were designed to use.


Adding a camera to your system

Add devices in the Blink App.


1. From the home screen, tap the Add Device icon +.

add a device screen
2. The Add Device screen shows devices you can add to your system.

Note: The Mini camera and Blink Video Doorbell do not require a Sync Module, but they will act like other Blink cameras when added to a Sync Module. In addition, one or more Mini cameras can act as a chime for one or more Blink Video Doorbells, when they are on the same system.

To use Local Storage, you must add your device to a Sync Module 2 with a recognized USB drive.
Click to learn more about Local Storage.

Your selection opens the QR code scanning screen.

add camera and device screen of Blink app

3. Enter the serial number.

Your device serial number (DSN) is represented on a sticker in the form of a QR code that is recognized by the camera on your mobile device. If this is your first device added, you are asked for permission to allow the Blink app to use your device camera. Blink will never access your device camera except when you are scanning a product QR code, so you can safely allow access.

The serial number for Mini is printed on the back of the unit, and for other cameras, it is inside the battery compartment. Click for instructions to remove the back cover of a Blink camera.

If you prefer to not use your device camera, tap "Enter Serial Manually" and enter the DSN with your keyboard.

4. Camera adding completed.

When the serial number is accepted as valid, the setup process begins and you are shown the "Camera Added" screen with tips on camera placement.

When setup is complete, a notification appears and you can tap Done.

Camera Added screen

Click here if you receive an error "Unable to Connect to Sync Module" when adding cameras to a system.

For accounts that were created on or before April 15, 2020 you continue to use 2 hours of free basic cloud storage for all devices. Each clip is deleted when it is 60 days old.

If your Blink and Amazon accounts are not already linked, you are asked to link them by tapping on the "Link Accounts" button. You should link accounts to take full advantage of subscription features. 

Note: You also have the option to select "Skip" which sends you to the home screen without linking your accounts. Click to learn how to link your Blink and Amazon accounts later.

The Link Accounts screen asks you to sign into your Amazon account, or create a new one if needed. When the "Success! Accounts linked." message appears, click "Next" to go to the Home screen.

5. The Home screen now shows a blank thumbnail and the camera name is its serial number.

thumbnail will update with a new color image

Notes on camera placement: Systems with a Sync Module operate best when devices have 'three bars' of radio signal to both the Wi-Fi router and the Sync Module. Signal strengths are presented in Camera Settings and Sync Module Settings screens in the Blink app.

Click to learn more about mounting your camera.

Click to learn more about using the Blink app.

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