Power analysis

The Blink Video Doorbell can activate your existing chime when the ringer button is pressed.

During a wired installation, the Power Analysis step confirms if the chime power supply and your Blink Video Doorbell are going to work safely together. Make sure that the wires you have connected are clean and free of corrosion.

If your existing doorbell chime provides fewer than 16 volts AC, then the Power Analysis "Fails" and the Blink Video Doorbell enters Event Response‍, unless you are connecting to a Sync Module.

Connecting the Blink Video Doorbell to a Sync Module‍ improves battery life significantly and provides more features than Event Response.

If you have a wired installation‍ and the power analysis is successful, you can start Live View, and take thumbnail images from the Blink app when you want. The primary power for your Blink doorbell is always provided by its pair of AA lithium non-rechargeable batteries, even when it is connected to powered wiring.

To activate an existing chime, the Blink Video Doorbell closes the power circuit. The doorbell does not provide any power to your chime system. So, if your chime system loses power for any reason, it will not activate, and you hear just the normal Blink doorbell sound when the ringer button is pressed.

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