Blink Subscription Troubleshooting

The following will help you troubleshooting Blink subscription plan issues. Click here to read FAQs and learn more about subscription plans.

How do I update my payment information on my account?

If you have a problem with renewing or continuing payments on your subscription plan, you may need to update the payment information in your Amazon account. Issues such as expired credit cards, insufficient funds on debit cards or cards declined for other reasons, can be resolved by entering a valid payment method in your account.

Note: Amazon Store Cards and Amazon Secured Cards cannot be used to purchase Blink subscriptions.

Click here to learn how to Manage Payment Methods.


I'm unable to attach devices to my subscription plan.

If you do not see your Blink devices available for attachment, then you may not be logged into or linked to the same Amazon account you used to purchase your plan. It is important that your subscription plan is purchased using the same account that is linked to your Blink account. Click here to learn more.


I can't link my Amazon account to my Blink account.

If you see an error message such as "Failed to link accounts", you may have a different Blink account which was linked to your Amazon account at some point when you created your Blink account.

Another reason could be you are entering the login for a different account, which is not the same one used for your Blink account. In addition, you can't link more than one Blink account to an Amazon account. Click here to learn more.


I see a message "Missing default address or purchase preference" when purchasing or attaching a subscription plan.

If you do not have a default address or purchase preference setup in your account, you will not be able to purchase or attach a subscription plan. This information is necessary and is accessible on the "Your Payments" page.


I receive an error message regarding my region when purchasing a subscription plan.

This can occur if your account has a non-US country of record or your payment billing address is non-US. Currently you must have a valid US address in order to purchase a subscription plan.
You can resolve this by updating your address and payment billing address as follows:

  1. Visit Amazon Manage Your Content and Devices and select Country/Region Settings.
    Then select United States (Refer to Country Selection on
  2. Recreate your home address and delete the old one.
  3. Purchase a new subscription plan.

I see a "Missing Payment Method" error when trying to attach a subscription plan.

There must be a valid payment method in your account. This information is accessible on the "Your Payments" page.


When I try to use the iOS Amazon Marketplace app to purchase subscriptions, I see an "Unavailable in App" message.

Subscriptions cannot be purchased on the iOS Amazon marketplace app. You must use the web version if purchasing a subscription on an iOS device. If you are using at least iOS 14, you can press and hold purchase links until more options appear and then select “Open in New Tab” which opens in your browser instead of the Amazon app.


I see an "Attach currently unavailable" message.

If you receive this error and all of your credit card payment and address information is correct in your account, wait a few minutes and try the attachment process again, since the cause could be a delay on Refreshing the page, or signing out and into your account again, and then attaching the plan may also resolve this issue. You will receive a confirmation email from after the delay regarding your attachment.


How to resolve linking to the wrong account

If you link to the wrong account, your purchased subscription plans will not be active and you will lose all of your subscription benefits when your free trial ends. You can view and manage your subscriptions on the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page on, if you need verification of which account was used to purchase your plans.

Once you determine your correct by checking your Amazon account settings and the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page, you will need to unlink your Amazon account. Click here to learn more about unlinking your Blink and Amazon accounts.

After your accounts are successfully unlinked, link your Blink account to the Amazon account you used to purchase your subscription plan.


If you continue to have difficulties with your Blink subscription plan, please contact Technical Support.

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