Purchasing Multiple Basic Subscription Plans

Blink Subscriptions can be purchased as Basic plans with monthly or yearly payment options. If you’re interested in purchasing a subscription plan, you can opt for a Basic Plan at $3.00 per month per device or a year-long subscription at a two-month discount of $30. Only newer generation cameras which include the Blink Video Doorbell, Indoor, Outdoor and Mini are eligible for Basic Subscription Plans. Click here to select the right option for you.

The following explains how to purchase multiple Basic subscription plans under the same Blink account.

1. Link your Amazon and Blink accounts. Click here for directions.

Note: It is important that your subscription plan is chosen, attached and purchased using the same Amazon.com account that is linked to your Blink account.

2. Purchase a Basic Subscription Plan. Customers have monthly and yearly options. The example below shows a monthly purchase.

3. Choose the Device you would like to attach to your subscription and then select the Continue checkout button. Since Basic plans only cover single cameras or video doorbells, you may have multiple Basic plans within the same account, each covering a specific camera or video doorbell.


4. On the Checkout screen you can review and place your order.

You will then see a confirmation of your placed order where you can click Manage Your Subscriptions to view your purchased basic plan.

The purchased plan appears as a subscription in your Amazon account.

Purchasing Additional Basic Plans

Once you have purchased a Basic plan, you can buy another Basic plan to cover a different eligible camera or video doorbell.

1. After making certain your Blink and Amazon accounts are still linked, you can purchase a new Basic Subscription Plan (refer to step 2 above).

2. Next, select the device you would like to attach to your new subscription and click on the Continue checkout button. Ineligible devices are already covered by another plan or legacy cameras (ex. Blink XT, XT2 and Indoor).

After you complete the checkout process, you will see a confirmation of your purchase with a link to the Manage Your Subscriptions page. This page shows all of your purchased Basic subscription plans and the devices that are attached to each.

You are also able to change which devices that are attached to each Basic plan, or cancel a subscription.

Click here to learn about changing cameras or video doorbell covered by a Blink Basic Subscription Plan.

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