Video Clip Expiration Change

We want to ensure that you always have fast, reliable access to the video clips generated by your Blink cameras. Removing old clips helps us improve performance and features of the Blink family of products.

The maximum storage time for each clip in your clip roll changed to 60 days (30 days in the EU/UK), from a maximum of 365 days previously. 

Clips that were deleted manually in the Blink app, or automatically deleted due to their age, are immediately and permanently removed from our servers. They cannot be recovered.

By default, the Blink app Auto-delete setting is 60 days.

To save clips beyond the Auto-delete date, you can follow the clip sharing instructions. The Sync Module 2 provides an option to store backups of your cloud account on a USB drive. Click to learn about Local Storage options.

What happens to my old clips?

Any existing clips that were older than 60 days on November 10, 2020 will be saved in your cloud storage until they expire, based upon their setting on September 5, 2020. The maximum clip retention was 365 days, so the last clips in this situation would expire on September 5, 2021.

It is also possible these clips would be removed to make room for new ones if the cloud storage is full.

All other clips will be automatically deleted when they reach age. Your existing storage capacity will remain the same after this change. 

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