Subscription Trial Banners

When you are within your 30 day subscription trial period, you will see a banner on the home screen of your app that shows the remaining days of your trial period. Purchased subscription plans do not take effect until after trial periods expire. 

Below are examples of banners that display on the Blink app home screen, based on the remaining days left in the trial period.

When the trial period is within three days of expiration, the following banner will display.

On the last day of your trial you will see this banner.

When your trial period has expired the following banner displays.

The Account screen also contains a banner which displays the days remaining in your subscription trial period. Click here to learn more.

Additionally, you will receive a series of emails regarding your remaining trials days, with links to assist you with purchasing a subscription plan.

Once your free Blink Subscription trial ends and you have not yet purchased a subscription plan, you will be limited to only having motion-activated notifications and live view streaming capabilities on your camera. No new recordings will be saved to the cloud and your existing cloud recordings will be deleted based on your settings in the Blink app.

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