Deleted clips are not recoverable

Deleted clips are immediately and permanently removed from Blink servers and cannot be restored.
This applies to all methods of deletion including auto and manual delete operations.

Auto Clip Deletion

With Cloud Storage, the default Auto-delete is 60 days and can be adjusted up to 60 days (30 days in the EU and UK).

Clip Roll auto-delete screen

Auto-delete permanently removes the clip when it reaches the set number of days. It is available with:

  • Blink Subscription Plan and Free Trials
  • An account activated before April 16, 2020
  • An early generation Blink device - XT2, XT, and Indoor (gen 1)

Click here to learn more about auto clip deletion.

Manual Clip Deletion

You can delete clips manually with the Blink app or from a USB drive. This operation also permanently removes the clip and it cannot be restored.

  • In the Blink app tap the Clip Roll icon Clip Roll icon to view the available motion clips, then select a method of deleting.
  • If you are using Local Storage to store clips directly from camera to your USB drive, you are able to view the clips and delete single clips in the Blink app. To delete more than one clip at once, 'safely eject' the USB drive from your Sync Module 2, and move it to a computer to access clip files directly.

Click here to learn more about manual clip deletion.

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