How can I update the Wi-Fi settings for my Mini camera?

To move your Mini camera to a new location or Wi-Fi network, you will need to update your camera's settings. These directions apply to when your Mini is a stand alone system and not part of another system on a Sync Module. Click here to learn how to change Wi-Fi settings on a system with a Sync Module.



This process will require you to enter your home Wi-Fi credentials again. You need to be physically with your system to do this, with your Mini camera plugged in.

But don't worry, your saved clips will not be deleted when you reconfigure your Sync Module.

To start, tap the settings icon for the Mini camera you want to change.

home screen settings icon

From the the Camera Settings screen, select General Settings and tap Change Wi-Fi.

available Wi-Fi networks

In the Change Wi-Fi screen, follow the instruction to "Press and release the reset button on the camera until red and blue lights flash. When ready, the lights will display: Blinking Blue, Steady Green."

Tap Discover Device and a pop-up message prompts you to join the Wi-Fi network "BLINK-XXXX".

join a Wi-Fi network notification

Tap Join and you are shown a list of Wi-Fi networks that the Mini can detect. Locate and tap your home Wi-Fi network. If your network is not on the list, tap Refresh List. You may need to move the camera closer to your Wi-Fi router.

available Wi-Fi networks

Carefully enter your Wi-Fi password and tap Join on the keyboard.

available Wi-Fi networks

When complete, a message saying “Mini camera changed Wi-Fi!”.
Tap Done to return to the Home screen.

available Wi-Fi networks

You can now use your system as normal.

available Wi-Fi networks

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