Data Preservation Request

Warrant - Subpoena - Legal inquiry

Data and information requests are handled directly with Amazon corporate offices. Blink is able to initiate the preservation of data when you follow the procedure below.

Upon receipt of a lawful request, Blink will preserve requested information for up to 90 days unless Blink receives a preservation extension, in which case the information will be preserved for an additional 90 days (for a total of up to 180 days).

Data Preservation Request procedure

No account details, data, or other information will be provided by Blink directly. The Blink Data Preservation Request is a means for us to begin storing information in a timely manner, but data can only be released when a valid and binding legal demand is properly served on Amazon corporate offices. All pertinent information and Method of Service are provided in the Amazon Law Enforcement Guidelines.pdf document.

Blink Data Preservation Request form

Submit a Blink Data Preservation Request form that includes your contact information, affiliation, CRIM# (if available), the data type(s) requested, with the start date/time and end date/time of the request. You will also be asked to provide identifying information for the account, so we know which data to preserve.

Account identifying information includes a Device Serial Number (DSN) for one or more devices and/or the account email address. If you have access to the Blink mobile app, the account email address is found on the Account Screen when you tap 1638199930089-account_icon.png.

If a camera has been stolen, it is unable to join any other installation, and any images or video it has sent to cloud storage will remain there until deleted.

Device Serial Number Locations

These images describe the location of a Device Serial Number and the number format our products follow.

Devices that can manage their own system
Multiple configurations are possible

Blink Video Doorbell

Blink Mini
back of camera

Sync Module
This manages a system of cameras, so it is the central hub of most installations. The Sync Module 2 is our newest version and can hold a USB drive for Local Storage or Clip Backups.


Blink cameras that require a Sync Module to save images
If you find one of these cameras, it would require a Sync Module to send images or video, in a typical installation.

Indoor (gen 2)



Indoor (gen 1)

Some Blink accessories operate with an attached camera. The accessories themselves do not store imagery or act as a camera in any way.

storm1.png          astro_overview.png          rosie_overview.png


Blink Data Retention Policy

By design, image and video storage on Blink servers is limited to 60 days from the moment of creation, per account worldwide, with the exception of UK/EU countries where images and video are stored not longer than 30 days.

Data cannot be retrieved after it is deleted by user action, or by automatic process due to age (60 days, or 30 days, as described above). It is important to submit your request in a timely manner to prevent automatic deletion. Please note that our agreement to initiate data preservation is not a guarantee that any particular data will be present, and it is not an offer to provide any data directly. We merely begin storing the data while still protecting account security, and if the request is not completed through Amazon corporate with a properly served legal demand, data preservation will be lifted and the normal automatic deletion process continues.

Blink has no control over the data a customer chooses to store on their own premises. Certain of our devices like the Sync Module 2, contain a port for a USB drive, allowing the local storage of motion clips directly - without a copy on the Blink servers. These clips can be accessed through the Blink app and deleted individually. Blink does not automatically delete anything stored on the customer's USB drive.

If our customer has a Sync Module 2 with an inserted USB drive and also has an active subscription plan, then a once-daily backup of motion clips is saved to the USB drive and Blink has no control over the contents of that drive. The backup files are not viewable in the Blink app and must be accessed directly from the USB drive. The files are not encrypted.

Customers with an active subscription are able to save live camera video (Live View) to cloud storage that is only viewable through the Blink app. Live View sessions are never stored to USB.

Additionally, Blink has no control over, and does not authorize the use of, any external service or device that may store imagery or network data associated with the customer's installation location.

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