Troubleshoot Forgot Password

When you tap inside the username or password entry area on the Blink app login screen, the "Forgot Password?" link appears.

When you tap "Forgot Password?" we send a verification code to the account email.

If you receive the alert: "Failed to create a password change verification code" as shown below, then our systems were not able to send the four digit code to your Blink account email address, to verify the account owner is requesting a change.

The code cannot be sent in a few situations.

  • If your email address is entered incorrectly, there is no account to send to.
  • If the account has been deleted, then even the right email address won't work.
  • If no phone is attached to the account, no message can be sent.

If you see this message popup, please tap "OK", make sure the email address is correct, and retry.

Shutting down the app and restarting it can also be helpful.

After you can access your account, consider adding a phone to your account for more convenient changes.

If these steps are not enough to keep this error message from appearing, please contact customer support.

"Failed to create a password change verification code" error screen.

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