Securing Your Blink Account: Best Practices

At Blink, we prioritize customer trust and are committed to safeguarding the security of our devices and services. To maintain the integrity of your Blink account, we urge all users to adhere to these essential security measures.

To ensure the security of your Blink account, here are some important guidelines:

Share account information wisely

Only share your Blink account details with trusted individuals. Remember, anyone signed in to your account can access and manage all Blink devices and account information.

Create strong passwords

Use unique passwords for your Blink account and avoid reusing them for other services. Ensure your password:

  • Is at least 8 characters long.
  • Contains a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. 
    For example: Sun$hine24!!

It is essential to avoid incorporating personal information in your password, such as names, birthdays, email, or addresses, as hackers can easily exploit these details.

Regularly update passwords

Change your password every three to six months as a preventive measure. If you suspect unauthorized access, immediately change your password.

For further assistance, refer to the following articles:

By following these steps, you can enhance the security of your Blink account and protect your privacy effectively.

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