Linking and Attaching a Subscription Plan after Purchasing It

All Blink account holders have the option to link their Blink accounts to their Amazon accounts. Linking to an Amazon account will allow you to see and manage all of your Blink Subscription Plans in one place, along with the ability to activate Blink Subscription Plans through Amazon. Click here to learn more about linking accounts.

Normally you would link your Blink and Amazon accounts prior to purchasing a subscription plan; however, you have the option of linking them afterwards. The following steps explain this process.

1. Choose and purchase a subscription plan here. Customers will have the option for a Basic or Plus plan. Both tiers have a Monthly and Yearly option.

2. Once you select your plan option, you will see the Checkout page where you purchase the subscription.

3. After you place your order you will be prompted to link your Amazon and Blink accounts. Once the accounts are linked, click on Manage Your Subscription.

Note: If you choose not to link you Amazon and Blink accounts, your devices will not be attached to your plan and your subscription will not be active. 

4. After your Amazon and Blink accounts are linked, select in the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page "Attach device" within your Blink subscription plan.

5. If you purchased a Basic plan, select the camera or video doorbell that attaches to your plan. Since Basic plans only cover single cameras or video doorbells, you may have multiple Basic plans within the same account, each covering a specific camera or video doorbell. A Plus plan covers all devices in your account and will already be attached to them once your accounts are linked.

Next select the Continue checkout button.

Basic Plan Example

6. After you attach the plan you will see the following page confirming your attachment. Your subscription plan will then take effect once your free trial period ends.

Attaching Basic Subscription Plans in the Blink app

Blink devices can also be attached to Basic subscription plans in the app only when your Blink and Amazon accounts are not linked and the attachment step is skipped when you purchased a subscription on In this case, once your Blink and Amazon accounts are linked, you will see alerts on the Account icon and in the Account page that you have unattached subscription plans.

The following steps explain how to attach a device to a Blink Basic Subscription plan within the app, once your Blink and Amazon accounts are linked. If your accounts remain linked, you will not have an option to attach additional purchased basic plans within the Blink app.

The steps below show how to attach a purchased basic plan to an eligible device.

1. Navigate to the Account screen by tapping the  icon on the bottom. Then tap the "Unattached Blink Plans" option to view your unattached plans.

2. Next select a Blink Basic Plan to attach. Only one plan can be selected at a time.

3. Once you select your plan, you will choose an eligible device to be covered by your plan. Only the Blink Video Doorbell, Mini, Indoor and Outdoor cameras are eligible for Basic subscription plans. After you select your device, tap on the "Attach Plan" button on the bottom of the screen.

4. You will then see a confirmation of your Blink Basic Plan coverage. When you tap Done, you will be taken back to the Blink Plans screen to attach additional purchased plans to other devices. Once all plans are attached you will be see the Account screen.

5. The Account screen will then display "Blink Plan Attached" and tapping on it will display the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page which shows all of your purchased subscription plans.


Troubleshooting Attaching Basic Subscription Plans in the Blink app

How to resolve linking to the wrong account

If you link to the wrong account, your purchased subscription plans will not be active and you will lose all of your subscription benefits when your free trial ends. You can view and manage your subscriptions on the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page on, if you need verification of which account was used to purchase your plans.

Once you determine your correct by checking your Amazon account settings and the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page, you will need to unlink your Amazon account. Click here to learn more about unlinking your Blink and Amazon accounts.

After your accounts are successfully unlinked, link your Blink account to the Amazon account you used to purchase your subscription plan.


Attaching Basic Subscription Plans in the Blink app when your accounts are linked

If your Blink account is linked to your when you purchased your Basic subscription plan and you skipped the attachment process on, you can unlink and relink your accounts to perform an attachment within the app, as explained in the above steps.

Click here to learn how to unlink your Blink and Amazon accounts and click here to learn about linking your accounts.


Note: If you purchase a Blink Plus Plan before your accounts are linked, your plan will automatically attach to all devices when you link your accounts, once your free trial ends. You will also see the following notifications on the Account screen.

Within a free trial period

Not within a free trial period

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