Using IFTTT Applets with Multiple Blink Systems

How to Create Custom Applets

The following explains how to create custom IFTTT applets to use with multiple Blink systems. Please refer to How to Integrate Blink with IFTTT Services and How Do I Use IFTTT Applets with Blink? for additional setup information. Please note that IFTTT support is currently only available in North America and some European countries.

An example of when you would create an IFTTT applet would be to arm more than one system at the same time, when you exit a location, under the same Blink account. IFTTT applets only allow the user to select a single Blink system. The way around this is to create additional applets to select additional systems.

Here's how to create an applet based on the above example. 

1. On the IFTTT home screen, tap Get More at the bottom.

2. Then tap on the Create button.

3. Next tap on + to select a trigger service.

4. Then tap on Location.

5. In this example you're creating an applet to arm the Blink system when you exit an area, so tap the You exit an area button.

6. Next search for the address you want to use.

7. After you save the location, tap on + to select an action service.

8. Search for "blink" and then tap on the first icon shown.

9. Next tap on the Arm system button.

10. Then select the other system you want to use from the menu.

11. At this point all settings are complete for your applet. Tap Create action and Finish.

12. The new applet is now created and connected. Tap on Close to view it.

You can use the above steps to create another applet, to disarm your system when you arrive at that location, by choosing Disarm system (step 9).

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