How do I fix the "motion detected" applet when it's not causing the resulting action or having a delay?

You can resolve this issue by disconnecting the applet and then reconnecting it. Click here to learn more about using IFTTT applets with Blink devices.


What can I do with IFTTT?

IFTTT (also known as “If this then that”) is a home automation service. It lets you create programs or applets that will interact with your devices when an event occurs. An example of this is the ability to automatically arm your Blink system when you leave your home. Additionally, if you have smart lights in your home, you could have them turn on when motion is detected by your Blink cameras.


How do I setup IFTTT?

Please follow this detailed guide for setup instructions.


Will IFTTT allow me to automatically upload my motion clips elsewhere?

Blink’s integration with IFTTT currently does not allow for automatically uploading motion clips to other services. This can only be performed manually in the Blink app by sharing clips.


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