How to update the Wi-Fi setting for my Blink Video Doorbell

This article describes how to update the Wi-Fi setting for your Video Doorbell. These are the same steps you follow after tapping the "Doorbell Offline" message in the Blink app.

These steps apply to a Video Doorbell in Event Response Mode. To change the Wi-Fi for a Video Doorbell managed by a Sync Module, please visit Updating the Wi-Fi setting for your Sync Module system.

To update your Wi-Fi settings, follow these steps.

  1. Tap the More button located at the bottom-right corner of the doorbell's thumbnail to access Device Settings.
  2. Tap General Settings.
  3. Tap Change Wi-Fi.
  • If your doorbell is connected to chime wiring, turn off power to the chime system and then tap Continue.
  • If your doorbell is not connected to chime wiring, tap Continue.

  1. Remove the doorbell from its mounting plate with the release key.

  1. After you remove the doorbell, tap Continue.
  2. When the Change Wi-Fi screen displays, press and release the reset button on the doorbell (shown below) until the red and blue LED flashes.

  1. Once the red LED flashes, release the reset button and tap Continue.
  1. Select your network name among the list of discovered 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.While the red LED flashes, tap Discover Device. To learn more about your doorbell's LED patterns, visit Understanding the LEDs on your Video Doorbell.
  2. Tap Join to connect to the temporary Blink Wi-Fi network. Note: If you do not see your Wi-Fi network, tap Refresh List.
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi password. Tap the eye icon in the password field to make the characters visible. Carefully enter your password and then tap Continue. For Wi-Fi password help, visit Troubleshooting Incorrect Wi-Fi Password in the Blink App.
  4. The doorbell connects to the Blink servers and performs network updates. When the Wi-Fi network update is complete, a confirmation message displays. Tap Continue.

  1. Reconnect the doorbell by aligning the top edge of your Video Doorbell to the back plate. Push it firmly against the back plate until you hear and feel a slight click.

  1. Your doorbell mounting is how complete. Tap Done to return to the Home screen.

Two-hole back plate reset button location

If your Video Doorbell has a two-hole backplate instead of three mounting holes, your reset button is located on the back of doorbell as shown below.

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