Pan-Tilt Features and Controls

For Indoor Use Only

Using Motion Controls in Live View

Pan-Tilt Mount is made to work exclusively with Blink Mini Gen 1 and is not compatible with Mini 2.

When you are in Live View, you can fully operate your Pan-Tilt mount by tapping on the horizontal and vertical motion controls. 

  • A single tap will move your camera in 1° increments. 
  • Tap and hold actions will move your camera in the appropriate left, right, up and down directions, until you lift your finger or the limit is reached. 

Motion controls are also available in landscape view. Learn more about how to use Live View and change your orientation.

When manually controlling the horizontal motion of your Mini camera, your perspective is the same as if you are positioned behind it, similar to a conventional camera. This is apparent when moving the camera left or right, since these directions will appear as reversed when you are directly facing the camera.

Setting the Default Home View

Initially, the default home position is 180° pan position from the USB port and 90° tilt position (straight up and down, forward facing) from the base. Once you are in Live View you can manually set or update the default home view. The default view option allows you to return your camera to a saved position. 

1. To set the default view, first move your camera to the desired position and then tap More.

2. Next select Update Default View and tap Update to save it.


3. When operate your motion controls, you can now select Default View to return your camera to your saved position.

Performing Room Sweeps

You also have the ability to perform a room sweep, by selecting the 360 Pan option in the More Actions menu. When you tap this option, starting from any position, your Pan-Tilt mount will automatically provide you with a full 360° live view of your room by panning fully right, then left, and back to its starting position.

Enabling Inverted Controls

If mounted on a ceiling, the Pan-Tilt controls can be inverted. Within the Video and Photo settings screen, make sure Flip Video is enabled so the camera's image is rotated right side up and the Pan-Tilt Mount controls are reversed to accommodate it. Learn more about your Mini camera settings.

Setting up Activity Zones

Activity Zones let you mask off certain regions to selectively prevent motion alerts. This can help with excessive motion clips or false alerts. Learn more about how to set up Activity Zones.

Note: When you set Activity Zones on a Mini camera that's attached to a Pan-Tilt Mount, the inactive zones will remain the same as the view changes with your camera's movements. For example, if you set Activity Zones on the upper right corner in your camera's frame, this corner will remain inactive in all positions the camera moves.

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