Mounting your Outdoor 4

Outdoor 4 cameras include a mount, right angle adapter/opening tool and 2 screws. Note: The included mount is only compatible with the Outdoor 4.

camera mounts and screws

The camera packaging includes all parts required to mount it to wood or brick surfaces. For best results when mounting your Outdoor 4, it's recommended that your mount is securely attached to a surface prior to attaching your camera to it. 

To ensure you get the motion notifications you want, keep the following in mind when choosing the location of your Outdoor 4.

  • The best motion detection occurs when movement goes across the field of view. 
  • Motion directly toward, or away from, the camera can be harder to detect. 
  • Avoid mounting near bright light flashes, swaying tree branches, or random activity such as passing vehicles.
  • The signal strength for both your Wi-Fi network and Sync Module should display at least three bars.

To verify connectivity, tap Moresettings icon at the bottom right of the device's thumbnail image to access Device Settings and then select General Settings. Under the Network section, the signal strength for your Wi-Fi and Sync Module are displayed.

Options for mounting Outdoor 4

Ceiling or eave

Shelf or window ledge
Wall or post


Horizontal mounting

In horizontal locations such as a ceiling or a shelf, use the right-angle adapter as shown below.

This adapter snaps into the back of the camera and onto the mount.

mounting options

Vertical mounting

In vertical mounting locations such as a wall, the mount directly connects into the back of the camera. When you connect your mount to your camera, you will need to apply a certain amount of pressure until you hear and feel it snap into place. Your camera can then swivel on the mount, by firmly rotating it, to achieve a desired view.

camera mounts and screws

When your camera is mounted, use the Blink app to create a thumbnail or enter Live View to check the camera's position.

Note: If you're using the Battery Extension Pack, refer to these mounting instructions.

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