How to adjust Retrigger time

Adjusting the time between motion event recording

This article describes how to adjust the retrigger time for your Blink camera. 

Retrigger time is the amount of time between the end a motion capture and beginning of a new motion event. During the retrigger time, your camera does not record motion events. 

By default, the system will capture a five second clip, and wait for the retrigger time of 30 seconds. If motion continues, the camera will capture another five second clip. Retrigger time can be adjusted under Device Settings.

Note: Each camera in your system has an individual retrigger time setting.

Adjusting the Retrigger time

  1. Tap Device Settings next to the camera you would like to adjust and select Motion Settings.
  2. In Motion Settings, you can adjust the Retrigger time value from 10 to 60 seconds. To increase the retrigger time, move the slider to the right and to decrease the delay move the slider to the left.
    • The longer the retrigger time is set, the longer you camera is not recording between motion events. This is useful if your camera views an area where motion occurs often or if you are getting false motion notifications. 
  3. When you have this setting where you want it, tap Save.

Test your setting
After your camera's retrigger time is set, Arm your Blink system and walk through the camera's field of view. You'll receive a motion notification on your mobile device. Continue to walk through the camera's field of view to produce a second motion notification. If the retrigger time was too short or too long between captured clips, return to Device Settings and adjust the Retrigger time.

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