Understanding the LEDs on your Mini Camera

The LEDs on the Mini Camera are located on the front of the device. Below is a chart explaining the meanings of the LED indicators, along with corresponding links to relevant support articles for troubleshooting.

Note: During a hard reset, the Mini Camera will display a blinking red and blue light as a signal to release the reset button.

Light Pattern Description 
LED: Blinking red
Activity: Mini Camera is starting up.
LED: Blinking blue, solid green
Activity: Mini Camera is in pairing mode and and ready to be set up.
LED: Blinking green
Activity: Mini Camera has fallen offline and is attempting to reconnect to the previous network.
LED: Solid red
Activity: Mini Camera is unable to connect to your network, or the entered Wi-fi password may be incorrect.
LED: Solid blue
Activity: Mini Camera is either recording motion or accessing a live view. You can disable this LED by going to Device Settings > General Settings > Status LED > Always Off. Learn more about Mini camera settings.  
LED: None
Activity: Mini Camera has completed the setup process, established an online connection, and successfully connected to Wi-Fi. However, this could also indicate the Mini camera is not plugged into an outlet, or there’s a power issue.

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