Controlling your Floodlight Settings

Floodlight mount settings

The floodlight self configures when you plug in your Outdoor (3rd Gen) camera to the floodlight mount. You will receive notifications on your mobile device that your floodlight is connected and added to your camera. The notification on your Home screen may only appear when you have a newly added Outdoor (3rd Gen) camera and is not necessary for your floodlight to function correctly.

Tap OK to continue or you can select Customize Floodlight Settings.

Floodlight Settings

The settings for the floodlight mount connected to a Blink Outdoor camera can be accessed in two ways.

  1. To access Floodlight Settings, tap the More button > Device Settings > Floodlight Settings.
  2. In Live View, tap More and then Device Settings in the More Actions menu.


The following settings appear for the Blink Floodlight. 

Battery Level
Displays the battery charge percentage for the floodlight.

Light Brightness
This slider sets the LED brightness from a scale of 1-10. The default setting is 5.

Timeout after Motion Activation
This setting controls how long the LEDs remain lit after the detected motion stops. You can chose between 15 and 30 seconds, 1, 2 and 5 minutes. 15 seconds is the default.

Daylight Mode
When enabled, the LEDs will activate when motion is detected during certain daylight hours, when the outside light is limited like at dusk and dawn. The LEDs will not activate when there is an abundance of outdoor light, often during midday hours.

Daylight Sensitivity
This setting only appears when "Daylight Mode" is enabled and controls the sensitivity of the lights during daylight hours. Lower setting values only activate the LEDs in darker conditions and higher values will activate the LEDs in brighter conditions.

This displays your current firmware version which may be automatically updated at certain intervals.

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