Understanding the Sync Module icons

When your Sync Module is connected and able to communicate with the Blink servers, the sync module to cloud icon displays a green connection line as shown in the image.
cloud icon connected

If communications are broken, a red line and slash divides the icon as shown in the image.
cloud icon disconnected

On the Home screen, the cloud icon appears at the bottom of each system with a Sync Module as shown in the image. Note that Blink Wired Floodlight and Mini camera systems do not display this icon because they communicate without need of a Sync Module.

home screen

Tapping on the cloud icon brings you to a Sync Module status screen, shown here.
home screen

Important information on this screen includes the time your Sync Module was last online, the Wi-Fi signal strength, firmware version, and options to change the Wi-Fi network or seek Help troubleshooting.

If a Sync Module becomes disconnected, the status screen appears with alert text as shown.

sync menu shows as offline

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