How can I configure my camera to record low light video?

Blink camera devices have an 850nm infrared LED light to let Blink cameras show you clear video when there is only darkness. The infrared (IR) LED can be controlled from the Camera Settings page. You reach Camera Settings when you tap the  icon at the top of each camera device panel in the Blink app home screen.

Set the IR LED Control and intensity, then tap "Save" to save, and exit camera settings.

  • Off - The IR LED does not illuminate. Use this when you do not need night vision.
    For example: If the area has an automatic floodlight, IR set to "Off" will show you color HD video.
  • On - If IR LED is set to "On" the video is always in night vision mode. This may be useful for a basement or crawlspace where there is no light but you want video.
  • Auto - When set to "Auto", the IR LED turns on when the available light is low, and turns off when there is enough light to show you a good image. This is the default setting.

To test these settings, activate Live mode of this camera the next time the light is low. Watch your video on the screen and you will see that your Blink camera has turned on the IR light to illuminate the area. If you find that the IR lamp is too bright, you can go back to the settings and set its Intensity to Low or Medium.

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