End of Support for iOS and Android

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain high security standards for our customers, Blink Home Monitor App version 31.0 will be the last release providing support for devices running iOS 14 or older and Android 8 or older. 

The Blink app will remain functional on these mobile operating systems; however, if you encounter an end of support banner within the app, it indicates that you need to upgrade your device's operating system to continue receiving future Blink app updates, which include new features and security enhancements.

Impacted Operating Systems and Versions:

Operating Systems Final Supported App Version
 iOS: 14 and older 31.0
 Android: 8 and older 31.0

If you need assistance updating your device's operating system to a version beyond iOS 14 and/or Android 8, please reach out to your device manufacturer.

Security Best Practices

As part of Security Best Practices, we recommend removing any verified mobile devices linked to your Blink account that are no longer in use, or running unsupported operating systems such as iOS 14 and Android 8 or older. Removing a verified mobile device with an unsupported operating system, such as iOS 14 and Android 8 or older, from your account means you will no longer be able to sign into the Blink app from that device.

Learn more about managing mobile devices that have access to your Blink account.

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