Adjusting Illuminator Intensity for the Indoor (1st Gen) Camera

Illuminator Intensity - Indoor (1st Gen) Camera

The Indoor (1st Gen) camera has a built in illuminator LED to capture video in low light situations. When you adjust the Illuminator Intensity setting and your Blink system is armed, the illuminator LED will automatically light to capture motion clips in dark settings.

To set the Illuminator:

  1. Go to Device Settings > Video and Photo Settings > Illuminator Intensity.
  2. Set the Night Vision to Auto.
  3. Set the Illuminator Intensity to High. With this setting, your camera will turn on the illuminator in low light conditions, but will not turn on the illuminator when lighting is bright enough. If you find that the illuminator is too bright, you can return to the Illuminator Intensity setting and select Medium or Low.

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