Mounting Your Blink Mini Camera

The Mini camera comes with a camera mount attached in the desktop position and two screws in the box. Before using your new Mini camera, make certain to remove the protective film covering.

The camera has two mounting points. The wall mount opening (1) is located above the USB port at the rear of the camera. The desktop/cieling mount opening (2) is at the bottom of the unit. Mounts from other Blink cameras also fit the Mini. 

Note: If you want to mount the Mini on a ceiling or overhead surface, be aware that the image can be flipped in the Blink app camera settings.

It is best to use the app to make sure the angle of view is correct for your needs before you permanently mount the camera.

The following steps explain how to mount the Mini camera.

  1. Hold the camera and pull the mount from the camera.  Put the camera in a safe place where the lens will not be scratched.

  2. While holding the mount in both hands, apply pressure to the outer ring while supporting the mount with the opposite hand.

  3. Select a location to mount your camera where moving shadows and reflections will not interfere with the image.
    Then use the included screws to secure the mount to your surface.

  4. After the mount is secured, press the cable into the molded clips in the base.

  5. Thread the cable end through the retaining ring, and line up the notch with the cable.

  6. Press the Mini onto the mounting point. It will click into place as the camera is secured.

    Press all sides of the retaining ring to secure it in place.

  7. Plug the cable into the USB port in the back of the Mini and aim the camera.

  8. Plug other end of the cable into the provided 5v 1A USB power supply and then plug the power supply into your wall outlet.

You can test the camera orientation by using Live View in the Blink app.

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