How To Save Live View Clips



Saving all clips, whether they're Live View or otherwise, requires a Blink Subscription Plan or a free trial.

Live View allows you to see what the camera is currently capturing and monitor the scene as it happens, rather than viewing a recorded version of the event.

Here are the Blink Cameras that support saving Live View clips:

  • Blink Wired Floodlight Camera
  • Blink Mini Camera
  • Blink Video Doorbell
  • Blink Outdoor Camera (3rd Gen)
  • Blink Indoor Camera (3rd Gen)
  • XT2 Camera

Live View clips are never saved or backed up to Local Storage. This includes Live View sessions accessed from Alexa devices like an Echo Show (no Local Storage option).

XT2 camera Live View clips take more storage space than motion clips, so be aware of your 7200 second storage limit. When the limit is reached, your oldest clip will be automatically deleted to make room for the newest one.

XT and Indoor (generation 1) cameras do not allow you to save Live View clips.

Save a Live View from a Camera

Here's how to save Live View as a clip.

1. From the Home screen, tap the Live View icon located in the lower left corner of each camera.

2. On the Live View screen, Save in the lower left indicates the current session is saved to Cloud Storage for that camera. Tap this icon to enable or disable saving the Live View session. The Save icon changes whether saving is active or inactive.

Tap Save to enable saving the Live View session.

The icon changes and a message appears confirming the current Live View session is saved to Cloud Storage.

Save icons

  •  Cloud with play symbol - Saving Live View clips is disabled. Clips won't be saved to Cloud Storage.
  •  Blue circle with a check mark - Saving Live View clips is enabled. Clips are saved to Cloud Storage.

When Save all Live Views is enabled in your Blink App Settings, Save is on by default for each time you enter a Live View session. You can turn off saving the Live View session at any time by tapping Save.Delete

View a saved Live View

Tap the Clips section in the footer of the Home screen.

  • Saved Live View sessions show the Live View icon  beside the camera name in your clips list.
  • Motion clips show the running man icon look for this icon of a running man in the clip list to see motion clips..

  • Tap Edit to select which clips in the view get marked for deletion.
  • Tap Filter to select which device is included in the view.

Note: Any deleted clips are permanently removed from our systems and cannot be recovered.


Save all Live Views setting

This setting allows you to automatically save a Live View session to Cloud Storage any time you access Live View through a camera.
1. Tap App Settings in the footer of the app and select Device and System Settings.

Home screen

2. Under Systems, select the system name by tapping it.

select the system

3. Tap Save all Live Views and Live View events for the system selected above will now be saved in Cloud Storage.

toggle on "Save all Live Views"

Saving Live Views with Alexa

When you have a Blink subscription and use an Alexa-enabled device to open the Live View session, the entire session is saved unless you stop it manually.

To start a live view from your Blink camera, say:

"Alexa, show [camera name]."

To stop a live view, say:

"Alexa, stop."

"Alexa, end."

"Alexa, exit."

"Alexa, go home."

"Alexa, hide [camera name]."

Note: Live view commands work with compatible Alexa-enabled screen devices.

Learn more about Alexa and Live View.
Learn more about enabling the Blink SmartHome skill in the Alexa app.

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