Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication and why is it important?

Blink uses more than one way to verify your information and prevent unauthorized access to your account. We call this Multi-Factor Authentication.

A password can be guessed, allowing someone to have total control of your account and see through your devices. Even adding one more step to the authentication process makes a very big difference. We verify that the account owner is aware of any change, so verification codes and emails go to the main account. If you are not the account owner, you need to get the verification codes from that person.

We use SMS Text message and email addresses. We have options for you if you do not have a mobile phone, or do not want to use SMS.

If you have questions or wish to change your account preferences, please contact support.

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Can I turn off Multi-Factor Authentication?

When you login, an option appears to "Trust this device", which stops the need to authenticate every time.

Besides enforcing strong passwords, we verify your email account, we validate each login with a security code sent by text message, we notify you of major account changes, and we enable biometric security features of your device to open the Blink app.

We even take your security one step further, by hiding all of your personal account details from Blink employees. When you contact support, the agent asks you to grant temporary permission from the Account Management screen of the Blink app.

Click to learn about granting temporary account access.

What is SMS Text message validation?

We use SMS Text message to quickly determine that the account owner authorizes every login. We send you a six digit number by text message, that you enter into the Blink app to gain access. In some cases we use Text message to verify an important account change.

What if I want to use a landline for my account?

You can use your landline telephone for account validation. Blink provides an option to have the verification number read to you by an automated voice, so you are not limited to mobile phones. 

Blink ONLY uses this number to ensure the person making changes is you. Your information is private, it will not be used for additional purposes, or shared with third parties.

What is Email verification?

To ensure that your account email address is correct, and that you have access to it, we send a PIN number through email. You must enter the number in the app screen before you are allowed to continue.

How do I use the security code?

Once any number-based verification begins, the Blink App shows a number entry screen until an entry is made. Access to the Blink App is blocked until you enter the security number code we sent. The number is sent to the account owner, so if you are not the account owner, contact them for the information to enter.

The security code is valid for 40 minutes. After 1 minute, you can re-send the current number, and after 40 minutes you can get a new security code.

If you entered the security code correctly within 40 minutes of starting a verification, and the Blink app is still preventing you from entering, please contact customer service so we can troubleshoot with you directly.

How is a new account Validated and Authenticated?

When you create a new Blink account, you are asked to enter an account email address and create a unique and strong Blink password. 

This email account is our primary way of communicating with you, so we need to know it is working and that you have access to it. We send you an email with a security "verification PIN" and information about the device that was used to start the process. (example below)

In the Blink app, a Verify Email screen appears where you enter the verification PIN.

Example email:

Welcome To Blink

Please enter the verification code below in your app now to confirm your email address and complete the setup process:

Your verification PIN:


Device: <your device>

Device Name: <your device name>

This code expires 40 minutes from when it was sent. If the code is not entered, access to your account from the device will not be granted.

If you'd like more information or assistance please view our FAQ or contact Customer Service.

The Blink Team

Verify your email address

Enter the PIN from the email we sent you and tap Verify.

  • PIN codes are valid for 40 minutes. 
  • If you haven't received the code after 90 seconds, tap Resend PIN Code.


Verify your phone number

Tap the phone number entry line to bring up a keypad.
Enter the phone number you wish to use for device verification and tap Next.

Optional: Select your country code by tapping the flag icon next to the phone number entry line.

If you prefer to not use SMS, the PIN code can be read to you by an automated voice call.
To choose this option, under Receive code by: select Voice call and tap Next.



The SMS text option is for use with mobile phones and will not work with landline phone numbers. Blink uses this number to positively associate your device to the Blink app to ensure the person making changes is you. Your information is private and will not be used for any additional purposes or shared with third parties.

Learn more why we need your phone number. Contact Customer Service if you don't have a phone number.


A SMS text message containing the PIN code is sent to the phone number, and you are shown another PIN entry screen.

  • Example SMS text Message:
Your Blink verification code

Enter the PIN from the SMS text message we sent you and tap Verify.

  • PIN codes are valid for 40 minutes. 
  • If you haven't received the code after 90 seconds, tap Resend PIN Code.


When the phone verification step is complete, you are prompted to link your new Blink account to your Amazon account by tapping Link Accounts. If you don't want to link your account, select Skip to be sent to the Home screen without linking your accounts.

Note: This is an optional step, but we highly recommend linking your accounts at this time. Learn more about the benefits of linking your accounts.

Sign into your existing Amazon account. You will need to know your Amazon login email address and password. Once the link is established between accounts, tap Next.

enter your email address   

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