Event Response

Wi-Fi only with alerts and Live View

In Event Response mode, the Blink Video Doorbell connects directly to Blink through your Wi-Fi network. Because it is managing its own communication with Blink, Event Response uses more battery power than when you connect to a Blink Sync Module system.

Event Response starts automatically when there is no Sync Module connected, and if your powered wiring is less than 16 - 24 volts AC.

To improve battery life and gain features, delete the doorbell and add it as new, to a Sync Module system.

"Event Response" is shown on the Blink app home screen as an overlay, as in the image below.

Saving Clips
To save video clips when motion is detected or the ringer button is pressed, add the doorbell to a Blink Subscription Plan, or connect to a Sync Module 2 with a recognized USB drive inserted.

Viewing Clips
On the clip list screen, Doorbell clips are shown with a "Bell" icon indicator, and if you do not have a subscription or Local Storage you see the "Non Media Event" screen indicating that an event happened, but no clip was saved.

Alerts and Notifications
When the doorbell button is pressed, or when the doorbell is "Armed" and motion is detected, you receive alerts in the Blink app. You can tap the alert within 60 seconds to enter a Live View session with two-way talk. To save batteries, the doorbell enters a sleep mode after 60 seconds.

Press Doorbell to Save Changes
In Event Response, you must press the doorbell button to 'check-in' and download any new settings changes. Without a button press, or motion activation event, your doorbell checks-in once every 24 hours to automatically download any new configuration changes.

Photo Capture
Photo Capture is available if you have an active Blink Subscription Plan or free trial. Photo Capture stores a photo every hour, and if there are no other events, it puts them together into a compressed-time video you can see in the Blink app's clip list. When a motion event or doorbell press does happen, the Photo Capture stops so your notification can get through, and then resumes after. Each time Photo Capture stops, you receive a video of the images taken up to that point.

Unavailable Features
These features are not available in Event Response:
(For more details, visit doorbell settings‍)

  • ZonesBeta
  • Live View started from Blink app
  • Thumbnail image started from the Blink app
  • Video thumbnail
  • Live View on Alexa enabled devices

Battery Life
Battery performance is directly related to the amount of use. To improve battery life, delete the doorbell add as new, to a Sync Module system.

Event Response Installation

Setting up your doorbell to use Event Response happens automatically when you do not connect to a Sync Module or powered wiring.

Adding the Blink Video Doorbell to your system‍ 

After adding the doorbell to your account, you can choose to mount it.

Mounting the Blink Video Doorbell‍ 

Event Response does not have special mounting instructions.

  • Use the provided template to set mounting hole locations.
  • Attach the backplate to a flat surface.
  • Attach the doorbell to its backplate.

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