How to access your Pan-Tilt settings

For Indoor Use Only

When you're in Live View, you can tap the More menu button and then Device Settings to access the settings for a Mini camera connected to your Pan-Tilt Mount.

If you're not in Live View you can tap the More buttonsettings icon in the lower right corner, in the thumbnail image for your camera and select Device Settings. Then select Pan-Tilt Accessory Settings from the Device Settings screen to view your current firmware version and to perform a manual calibration. Learn more about how to calibrate the Pan-Tilt Mount.

If your Pan-Tilt Mount goes offline or requires a re-callibration, it will display a status alert icon settings icon  within the center of your motion controls in Live View. Tapping this icon will display a settings screen with troubleshooting information.

You also have the option to delete the Pan-Tilt Accessory if it goes offline, or if you decide to stop using it with your Mini camera, by tapping the Delete Pan-Tilt Mount button and selecting Delete on the following screen. Learn more about troubleshooting the Pan-Tilt Mount.

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