Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication and why is it important?

Blink uses more than one way to verify your information and prevent unauthorized access to your account. We call this Multi-Factor Authentication.

A password can be guessed, allowing someone to have total control of your account and see through your devices. Even adding one more step to the authentication process makes a very big difference. We verify that the account owner is aware of any change, so verification codes and emails go to the main account. If you are not the account owner and needing access, you must get the verification codes from the main account holder.

We use SMS Text message and email addresses to verify your identify. We have options if you don't have a mobile phone, or don't want to use SMS.

Can I turn off Multi-Factor Authentication?

Yes. When you log in, a Trust this device option displays above the Verify button.  Check the circle next to Trust this device and you won't have to authenticate each time you access your Blink app.

What is SMS text validation?

We use SMS texts to quickly determine that the account owner authorizes every log in. We send you a six-digit number by text message, that you enter into the Blink app to gain access. In some cases, we use SMS texts to verify an important account change.

What if I want to use a land line for my account?

You can use your land line telephone for account validation. Blink can provide an automated message to be sent to your land line.

Blink will use this number to ensure the person making changes is you. Your information is private and will not be used for for advertising purposes or shared with third parties.

What is Email verification?

To ensure that your account email address is correct, and that you have access to it, you are sent a PIN number through email. You must enter the PIN number you receive in the Blink app before you can continue using the Blink app.

How do I use the security code?

Once any number-based verification begins, the Blink App shows a number entry screen until an entry is made. Access to the Blink App is blocked until you enter the security number code we sent. The number is sent to the account owner, so if you are not the account owner, contact them for the information to enter.

The security code is valid for 40 minutes. After 1 minute, you can re-send the current number, and after 40 minutes you can get a new security code.

If you entered the security code correctly within 40 minutes of starting a verification, and the Blink app is still preventing you from entering, see the troubleshooting steps below. If none of these resolve your issues, please contact customer service so we can troubleshoot with you directly.

What if I'm not receiving my PIN?

  • Check if your mobile device carrier is blocking your PIN notification as Spam.
  • If receiving your PIN by email, check your Spam, Trash, and Promotions folders. If you still can't find it, try accessing your email on a different mobile device or computer.
  • Read this article to see if you have apps that may conflict with the Blink app.
  • If none of these resolve your issues, please contact customer service so we can troubleshoot with you directly.

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