Account Linking when Purchasing a Subscription

It is important that your Blink and Amazon accounts are linked in order to activate your Blink subscription plan. This is required for your Blink cameras and video doorbells to be visible within your Amazon account. Blink cameras and video doorbells must be attached to a subscription plan, in order for your plan to be active and your devices be covered by your plan.

If your accounts are not linked and your cameras and video doorbells are not attached to your plan, they will not be covered under your subscription. It is also important that your subscription plan is purchased using the same account that is linked to your Blink account. Other benefits of linking your accounts are currently in development and will be announced as soon as they’re available.

Follow these directions to link your Blink and Amazon accounts.

1. Open your Blink app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the Account icon on the bottom right of the screen.

3. Tap Link to Amazon account.

4. Tap Link Accounts.

You will see an Amazon welcome screen. From this screen you can create a new Amazon account or log in with an existing one. When you have finished creating your account or entering your Amazon account credentials, tap Sign in.

5. Your accounts will now be linked and tap on Done.

Click here to learn more about linking your Blink and Amazon accounts.

Follow these directions to attach your cameras or video doorbells and purchase your plan.

1. Purchase a subscription plan on Customers will have the option for a Basic or Plus plan. Both tiers have a Monthly and Yearly option.  

2. Choose the Device you’d like to attach to your subscription (only applies to Basic Plans since Plus Plans cover all eligible devices on a Blink account), and then select the Continue checkout button.

3. Next place an order for the Subscription.

Your devices are now covered with a Blink subscription plan!

Note: If you purchase a Blink Plus Plan before your accounts are linked, your plan will automatically attach to all devices when you link your accounts, once your free trial ends. You will also see the following notifications on the Account screen.

Within a free trial period

Not within a free trial period

Click here to learn more about purchasing Blink Subscription Plans!

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