Blink Solar Panel Mount Overview

The Blink Solar Panel is a solar shade mount for the Blink Outdoor camera. Other Blink outdoor cameras (XT or XT2) are not supported. The low power consumption technology makes this a great option for outdoor camera mounting and is weather resistant. Solar powering your Blink Outdoor gives you a reliable and powerful wireless security camera system anywhere on your property, with a motion detection range of approximately 6 - 20 feet (2m to 6m).

The camera snaps into a mount in the bottom of the unit and connects to a weatherproof micro USB cable. On the top, a solar panel attaches to a mount and can be adjusted +/- 10 degrees horizontally or vertically to optimize sun exposure, or it can be detached for placement in direct sunlight up to 2 ft. away, using the provided accessory mount.

What's in the Box

The solar panel packaging includes the following:

  1. Mounts for Blink Camera and Solar Panel (not removable)
  2. Micro-USB power cord (not removable)
  3. 1 Detachable wall mounting plate (slide down to remove)
  4. 1 Detachable Solar Panel with 2 ft. cord
  5. 1 Preinstalled 3.7V 18650 (3200mAh) lithium-ion battery
  6. Screws and Anchors for Mounting (4 each)
  7. 1 Volcano mount
  8. 1 Housing cover
  9. User Manual

13 ft. extension micro-USB cable (sold separately)

Click here for installation instructions.

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