Mounting Your Blink Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) Camera

Blink lightweight wireless cameras are easy to mount securely.

Your Blink Outdoor, and Indoor (3rd Gen), camera comes with a right-angle adapter/opening tool and "volcano" cone-shaped camera mount matching the color of your camera body.

Mounting screws are included in the box.

camera mounts and screws

Extra mounts and other accessories are easily found at

You can verify the camera view and check placement simply by holding your camera in the desired location, and using the Blink app to refresh the camera thumbnail, or enter Live View. Ensure that your preferred location has three bars of connectivity with both the Sync Module and your Wi-Fi network. Verify connectivity from the camera settings   screen of the Blink app.

Keep in mind that the best motion detection occurs when movement goes across the field of view. Motion directly toward or away from the camera can be harder to detect. Camera placement helps your camera settings be most effective. Learn more about tuning your camera here, and about camera placement here.

When you have determined the best location for your camera, secure the mount to a surface. If it is appropriate, use the included screws. The mount and screws are non-corrosive, but some moisture buildup may occur underneath the mount base.

How do I mount horizontally?

In horizontal locations such as a ceiling, or shelf, use the Right-angle adapter (pictured). This adapter snaps into the opening on the back of the camera, as shown with dashed lines below. Remove the silicone disc if it is present, to access the mount opening.

mounting options

Now, press-fit the adapter onto the connecting point of the mount. You should detect a 'snap' indicating a secure attachment. Your placement may require that you attach the adapter to the camera before attaching both to the mount.

press the adapter to the mount 3 main mounting options

Vertical Mounting

In vertical mounting locations such as a wall or post, the camera can connect directly to the volcano mount. The camera opening snaps directly onto the mount as shown in the image.

mounting options

When your camera is mounted, go to the Blink app and create a thumbnail or enter Live View, to know if the camera view is right, or needs to be adjusted.


Learn more about motion detection.

Learn more about Activity Zones.

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