I Can't Access My Account

The Blink mobile app is where you access your account and control devices.

There may be a couple of reasons you cannot log in to your Blink account. The most common reason is the email address or password being entered incorrectly. This is common and can be easily fixed.

If your Blink app is on a device that uses VPN, please disconnect the VPN to set up your devices. After set up is complete, you may start the VPN and interact with your cameras normally.

Another reason could be the account email address is not verified. Creating a Blink account requires a verification code number that is sent to the account email address.

For log in and certain other actions, we verify that the account owner is aware by sending a code number through SMS Text message. To complete verification, enter the number, or get the number from the account owner and enter it.

We offer the option to have an automated voice call you and read the number. This can be handy in case you do not use SMS, or if you want to use a landline.

Please contact Technical Support if you have any difficulty with your Blink login.

We are available for Technical Support 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. 

Click to learn more about Multiple Factor Security.

If you are not receiving our SMS Text messages, first check your phone or device settings because our messages may have been marked as spam, or blocked. To send SMS messages, we use a service named Twilio. It is a popular service, but it may happen that you blocked a number that Twilio uses, which would prevent you from receiving the Twilio messages sent from Blink.

To see which numbers have been blocked, follow the instructions for your device's Operating System.

Note: The SMS text option should only be used with mobile phone lines and will not work with landlines. Blink ONLY uses this number to verify your account. Your information is private and will not be used for additional purposes or shared with third parties.

Click to learn why we need your phone number.

USA and Canada 781-332-5465* or toll free 1 833-392-5465.

If you are located in Europe and need technical assistance, please call us at +44 1158 384189.*

*Long distance rates may apply.

When calling Blink Technical Support, please be sure to have your Blink username available. Please note that troubleshooting in most cases must be done while you are physically with your Blink system.

In addition, when you call for support, your account details are hidden from agents until you allow the "Grant Blink Support Account Access" option in the Blink app.

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