Linking Your Blink Account to Your Amazon Account

This article will answer commonly asked questions concerning linking to an Amazon account.

Note: You will not be able to link your Blink and Amazon accounts under the following conditions:

  • You do not see at minimum a "30 days left" trial countdown banner at the top of your Blink app home screen.
  • You are located outside of the US.
  • You are not using the latest version of the Blink app.
  • Your mobile device does not meet these requirements:
    • An iOS mobile device, software version 14 or higher or
    • An Android mobile device, running software version 6.0 or higher or
    • A Fire OS mobile device, running software version 7.0 or higher

All Blink account holders have the option to link their Blink accounts to their Amazon accounts. Linking to an Amazon account will allow you to see and manage all of your Blink Subscription Plans in one place, along with the ability to activate Blink Subscription Plans through Amazon.

You can check and modify your Amazon account settings, or access them to verify which account you want to use to purchase a subscription plan if you have multiple accounts.

To link your Blink account to your Amazon account from your mobile device, follow these instructions:

1. Open your Blink app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the Account icon on the bottom right of the screen.

3. Tap Link to Amazon account. (click here if this doesn't appear)

4. Tap Link Accounts.

You will see an Amazon welcome screen. From this screen you can create a new Amazon account or log in with an existing one. When you have finished creating your account or entering your Amazon account credentials, tap Sign in.

Note: If you have Two-Step Verification setup with Amazon, you will need to enter a One Time Password (OTP) sent to your phone or email address in order to continue. You will then enter that OTP code in the Verify email address page. Please contact Amazon if you have any issues with receiving or using your OTP.

5. Your accounts will now be linked and tap on Next.

You will then see a reminder explaining if you already purchased a subscription plan, it will not be active until it's attached. Tap Done to be taken back to the Account screen or Learn More to read about Attaching a Subscription Plan after it's Linked and Purchased.

The Account screen will then display "Amazon Account Linked".



If you link to the wrong Amazon account, you can always unlink your accounts and then link to the right one. Click here to learn more.

Do I have to link my Blink account and my Amazon account?

No. Linking your accounts is strictly voluntary and you can unlink the accounts at any time.

Can multiple Blink accounts be linked to the same Amazon account?

No. Only one Blink account can be linked to an Amazon account at a time and devices within a Blink account can only be covered by subscriptions within one Amazon account.

Can I unlink my Blink and Amazon accounts?

Yes. Linking your accounts is only required in order to activate subscription plans.

Do I lose my Blink account if I link my Amazon account and use it to log into the Blink app?

No. Your Blink account still exists and can be accessed at any time.

Will Blink gain access to any of my Amazon information or vice-versa?

Yes. Agreeing to link these accounts grants Blink and Amazon the ability to access certain information from both accounts. Both companies, however, have stringent privacy policies regarding what can and cannot be accessed and both sets of policies will be honored by both companies.

How to resolve linking to the wrong account

If you link to the wrong account, your purchased subscription plans will not be active and you will lose all of your subscription benefits when your free trial ends. You can view and manage your subscriptions on the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page on, if you need verification of which account was used to purchase your plans.

Once you determine your correct by checking your Amazon account settings and the Your Memberships & Subscriptions page, you will need to unlink your Amazon account. Click here to learn more about unlinking your Blink and Amazon accounts.

After your accounts are successfully unlinked, link your Blink account to the Amazon account you used to purchase your subscription plan.

Click here to learn more about Blink's Privacy Policies.

Click here to learn more about Amazon's Privacy policies.

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