iOS update causes login and PIN issues

Thank you for reaching out to Blink Technical Support.

We are aware that some of our customers are experiencing login issues and/or are receiving unrequested verification PIN numbers.

We want to assure you that your system and account have not been compromised, the issue was due to a bug in Blink app version 6.5.0 on iOS.

Android users may experience delays receiving a verification PIN, but there is no bug in the Blink app for Android.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience while we make Blink products as secure as possible.

To fix unwanted PIN issues, please complete the following:

  • Update all iOS devices on the account to the newest iOS version 15.0.1
  • Update the Blink Home Monitor app on all iOS devices to the latest version 6.5.1
  • Restart the devices to make sure everything is running smoothly.

How to update iOS and Android

In order to run the latest version of the Blink application, it is extremely important that your mobile device meets minimal requirements. An iOS device must be running software version 12.5 or higher. Android devices must be running software version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. Click here to learn about system requirements for using Blink products.

Note: We recommend that you always backup your data prior to updating your mobile device. Click here to learn how to backup iOS devices and click here to learn how to backup Android devices.

How to auto update your iOS

iOS devices can be updated automatically whenever a new version of iOS is available. Follow these steps to enable this setting.

  1. Open the Settings app.  
  2. Navigate to General > Software Update.
  3. Select Automatic Updates.
  4. Enable the ON switch for Automatic Updates

How to manually update your iOS

iOS devices can also be updated manually, which may be necessary if the auto update hasn't occurred yet. Follow these steps to manually update your iOS version.

  1. Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
  2. Navigate to Settings > General and select Software Update.
  3. Select Download and Install.
  4. Tap Install to update and enter your passcode if prompted.

Click here for more information about updating iOS versions.

How to check and update your Android version

You can find your device's Android version number in your Settings app and receive notifications when updates are available for you. You can also manually check for updates.

Check your current Android version

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Near the bottom, tap System > Advanced > System update.
  3. View your "Android version" and "Security patch level."

Install the most current Android updates

When you receive a notification, open it and tap the update action.

If you cleared your notification or your device has been offline, follow these steps.

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Near the bottom, tap System > Advanced > System update.

  3. You will then see your update status and follow any steps on the screen to install the update.

Click here for more information about updating Android versions.


How to update the Blink app

The most recent version of the Blink app is always available in your app store.

Blink supports most smartphones, tablets, and many Alexa enabled products.

Follow the link or scan the QR code to access the most recent Blink app download.

Blink version 6.15.0*
for iOS 12.5 and later.

Blink version 6.15.0
for Android v6.0 and later.

Blink version 6.15.0
for Fire OS v7.0 and later.

*If you can't locate the Blink app iOS 6.15.0, please refer to this article: End of Support for Android Version 5 - iOS Versions 12 and 13


If you are prompted to log back in, or input a security PIN to the Blink app, please follow the instructions on the screen.

If needed, you can follow this link to change or reset your password.

Other important points to remember:

  • All devices on the account must be updated to the same version.
  • We only send verification PINs to one registered phone number per account.
  • You may need to get the verification PIN from registered phone owner.
  • After one minute, you can tap "Resend PIN" to deliver the PIN again.

Please accept our sincere thanks for your understanding.

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