Sync Module Reset Button

The Sync Module has a physical Reset button located at the back of the device (number 3 pictured below).  This button should only be used to put your Sync Module into setup mode after you have tried a power cycle (unplug and plug-in the power cord). Pressing the Reset button will bring your system offline until you reconfigure your Sync Module.

  1. QR Code of the Device Serial Number (DSN)

  2. USB 2.0 Type-A Female port for "thumb drive"

  3. Reset Button*

  4. Power port (standard mini-USB 5v 1A)
image showing a sync module with the back facing toward you. A square label is placed in a shallow recess thats almost as big as the sync module and a reset button is cut out of the material just outside of the label. On the sides, are a USB A for the USB memory stick, and the mini-USB for the power cord is adjacent to the reset button. The front of the Sync Module has two LED lights set back in holes in the upper right corner of the front face.

Helpful Tip: Use a fingernail or small object to press the reset button until you feel a slight click. Some Sync Modules have an opening for the reset button, see above image.

First, power cycle the Sync Module
If you are having any issues with your Sync Module, it is best to try to power cycle by unplugging the power cord from the back of the unit for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. The device will reboot and reconnect, then show a solid blue and solid green light for normal operation - or solid blue and blinking green when ready for setup.

If needed, press the reset button for 5 seconds
If the power cycle does not result in solid blue and blinking green lights, you may try a reset. Use a small object or fingernail to press the reset button for 5 seconds. You will see a flash of red and then after 15 seconds a blinking blue light and solid green light appear at the front of the Sync Module. The Sync Module is ready to be added through the Blink app.

Contact Customer Service if these steps do not help - a factory reset may be needed.

*Your Sync Module may have a reset button within a hole on the side, next to the USB Type-A port. Insert a paperclip or thin item into the opening and press lightly until you feel a click. Using a sharp object like a thumbtack can damage the button.
an image of a sync module showing a wall adapter that is not plugged in, connected to a power cable whose mini-USB plug indicates where on the side of the sync module it is inserted and on the adjacent side, a USB A port is next to small hole that is the reset button. The front of the sync module is also shown, it has two LED lights on the upper right corner of the front face.

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