Silicone Camera Skin for Blink Cameras

The Blink Silicone Camera Skin is an optional accessory and is compatible with specific Blink Cameras. The skin fits outside of the camera providing sun and weather protection. 

Note: Do not place the camera in areas of excessive heat or moisture.

Determine which skin you need

Available types:

  • Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) Silicone Camera Skin
  • Outdoor 4 Silicone Camera Skin

Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) with Silicone Camera Skin

Outdoor 4 with Silicone Camera Skin


Installation is simple because the material is flexible and resilient. Stretch the cover around your camera, making sure that the USB port opening is lined up with the camera's USB port. To remove, stretch a corner back from the front face, and the rest of the camera should quickly follow.

Always install the silicone cover before placing the camera on a mount. The cover openings are large enough for Blink mounts and accessories.


Skin for Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen)

The silicone skin for Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) camera comes in black or white.

Skin for Outdoor 4

The silicone skin for Outdoor 4 camera comes in eight different colors:

Dove EucalyptusForest Glacier Lilac Rosewood Slate Sprig

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