Silicone Skins for Blink Cameras

Customize your Blink Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) and Outdoor 4 cameras with our silicone skins, designed to protect your devices from scuffs and scratches.

Determine which skin you need

Available types:

  • Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) Silicone Camera Skin
  • Outdoor 4 Silicone Camera Skin
Dove Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen)
Eucalyptus Outdoor 4


To install the silicone skin, stretch the cover around your camera, ensuring the USB port opening aligns with the camera’s USB port. To remove the skin, begin by lifting one corner and pull the skin away from the camera. Attach the silicone skin before mounting the camera, as the cutouts are designed to fit Blink mounts and accessories.


Skin for Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen)

The silicone skin for Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) camera comes in black or white.

Skin for Outdoor 4

The silicone skin for Outdoor 4 camera comes in eight different colors:

Dove Dove
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Forest Forest
Glacier Glacier
Lilac Lilac
Slate Slate
Sprig Sprig

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