How to Use Two-Way Audio

Our new Blink Video Doorbell, Indoor (gen 2), Outdoor, Mini and XT2 cameras have two-way audio. That means you can speak through the camera and hear from the camera microphone for two-way conversation.

Confirm microphone access

Before using two-way audio, you must confirm the Blink app has permission to use the microphone on your device. 


iOS: Access Settings and then scroll down and select Blink from the apps list. The Microphone must be enabled.

iOS mic settings



Android: Access Phone Settings, Apps and scroll down and select Blink from the list. Then select App permissions and Microphone.

android mic settings

Allow must be enabled in the permissions for microphone access.

android mic settings


First tap on the Live View button for any of your eligible cameras. This button is in the bottom left corner of the camera photo. In the case of the Blink Video Doorbell, tapping a motion alert opens Live View.

Live view button

While you're in Live View, you’ll see a round “Hold to Talk” button in the bottom center portion of the app. With the Blink Video Doorbell the action is to tap once and speak as you like, tap again to mute the microphone.

To use two-way audio you must press and hold on this button. Once you press the button wait 1-2 seconds, then begin speaking. Your voice will come out through the speaker on the front of your Blink Indoor (gen 2) or Outdoor camera, the bottom of your Video Doorbell and XT2 camera, or the top of your Mini.

Your voice will come out through the speaker on the bottom of your XT2 camera or the top of your Mini

When you’re done speaking, we recommend taking your finger off the Talk button instead of holding it for the entire conversation.

After 5 minutes, your Live View will stop and you must return to the Home screen to start another Live View session. Click to learn about our new feature Extended Live View for Mini‍.

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