How to manage multiple mobile devices with account access

The following explains how to manage your mobile devices in the Blink app. To ensure only authorized persons can access a Blink account, the account owner can view and control all additional devices that access their account within the Blink app. Devices include mobile phones, tablets, as well as apps that access your account such as IFTTT and Alexa SmartHome

An account owner is determined by a verification code that is sent to the phone associated with that account. Once someone has the PIN code, they have the ability to manage all devices on that account. Account owners have the ability to view a list of devices that have accessed their account, within the last 30 days, and revoke a device's access if necessary. Once a device has been revoked from an account, the only way that device can regain access is through a multiple factor security process. Click here to learn more about Multiple Factor Security.

Managing multiple mobile devices

1. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom of your screen.

2. Then select Account and Privacy.

3. While viewing the Account and Privacy screen, tap on Manage Mobile Devices.

4. Next, enter a verification code that is sent to the account owner's phone number or email.


5. Then tap on the Verify button for security authentication.

If you do not receive a code or have access to a device that receives it (if you are not the primary account holder), you can tap on the back arrow in the top left of the Account Verification screen on iOS devices, or use the back arrow on Android devices, to return to the main Account and Privacy screen. A verification code is only sent to the primary account owner's device.

Once the code is verified, a list of all devices will display that have accessed that account in the last 30 days, including the current device at the top.

The account owner can then tap on the trash icon next to any device to remove its access from their account. This will immediately logout that device from the account and the person will need to enter a verification code (only sent to the account owner) to login again to that Blink account. If the password is changed for an account on one device, all other devices will be logged out of that account and they will be removed from the Manage Devices screen.


Logins on new devices, or subsequent logins on devices that were once removed from an account, have a "Trust this device" option on the Account Verification screen, so that a PIN will not be required for future logins. However, if the password is changed on an account, the "Trust this device" option will reappear at the next login.

In a case when more than 100 devices access an account, the account owner will see the screen below. Removing some devices or resetting the account password will resolve this issue.

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