How Can I Use Blink with a Wireless Extender?

Once your Wi-Fi extender is set up, you will see its signal appear in your Wi-Fi settings with its own Wi-Fi name and password. Usually, the extended Wi-Fi signal will name itself for you. For example your “Home Wi-Fi” becomes “Home Wi-Fi_EXT”

extended Wi-Fi signal

The Blink camera system can only connect to one Wi-Fi signal at a time. This means the cameras cannot connect and use both “Home Wi-Fi” and “Home Wi-Fi_EXT” at the same time. You will have to change the Wi-Fi extenders signal name and password to the exact same Wi-Fi name and password as your normal, main Wi-Fi router (Example: Change “Home Wi-Fi_EXT” to just “Home Wi-Fi”)

change Wi-Fi extenders signal name

This is so your Blink system sees both the extender and the main router as one big Wi-Fi network instead of two different networks with two different names.

To change the name of your extended signal, you will need to access the Wi-Fi extender settings.

If you’re not sure how to access the settings for your extender, you may want to refer to the user guide that came with your device. If you don’t have a user guide, you can call the manufacturer of the extender for more help.

After the extended Wi-Fi signal has been renamed to match your main Wi-Fi signal, the extender will show as only one Wi-Fi network in both your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and within the Blink app.

*Remember that your extender should also be protected by the same exact Wi-Fi password as the one you use for your home network/main router, if it is password protected. If not, you can leave the extended signal unprotected as well.

If you notice you’re still experiencing low signal strength from your cameras, try power cycling your Sync Module by removing it from power for 30 seconds then plugging it back in. Once both lights have stopped flashing and appear solid again, try using the cameras and checking their signal strength.

Please note that this is only recommended if you’re looking to expand the Wi-Fi signal strength for your Blink cameras. If you are not having issues with your Wi-Fi signal strength to cameras, you may not need to use an extender for your Blink setup.

If you’re still having trouble after following the procedure above, please contact us for more help.


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