Inserimento e disinserimento del sistema Blink per il rilevamento del movimento

Quando configuri per la prima volta il tuo sistema Blink , il sistema è disattivato per impostazione predefinita.

il sistema sarà disattivato per impostazione predefinita

Attiva il tuo sistema toccando Inserito nella parte centrale inferiore Blink app .

il sistema sarà disattivato per impostazione predefinita

Icone della fotocamera del sistema armato

Quando il sistema è armato, appaiono due icone. L'icona Posticipa un contorno grigio a forma di campana con la lettera Z più piccola per mostrare una campana che sonnecchia e l'uomo che corre l'uomo che corre in tinta unita indica che la fotocamera è attiva .

Icona dell'uomo che corre

What is the Running Man Icon? Tap the Running Man icon to turn Motion Detection on or off for that camera. A so...

Once you have Armed your system, the Running Man and Snooze icons display. The Running Man icon allows you to Enable or Disable Motion Detection from the Home Screen for each camera in your system. Once Motion Detection is enabled, you will receive Motion Notifications from the Blink app.

How to use

Tap the Running Man icon to enable or disable Motion Detection for that camera. A message will display at the bottom of the Home Screen confirming that Motion Detection has been enabled or disabled.

  • A blue Running Man solid color running man means the camera is active means Motion Detection is enabled and the camera is actively watching for motion.
  • A gray Running Man motion detection is not active means Motion Detection is disabled for that camera.

Why would I want to disable motion detection?

If you have more than one camera in a system, but only want to receive notifications for a specific camera (or cameras), you can Disable the camera you don't want notifications from. For example, you may want to be alerted to visitors at the front door, but not your dog running through the garage.

In the example below, there are two devices in the Home From system; Front Door and Garage. The Running Man is Enabled solid color running man means the camera is active for the Front Door camera, and Disabled motion detection is not active for the Garage. The Home Front system is Armed. If the Home Front system is Disarmed, the Running Man and Snooze icons will not display.
home screen

Icon memory

Each time your system is Armed, your settings will stay the same until you change them.

Enabling or Disabling Motion Detection within Device Settings

You can also enable or disable Motion Detection within Device Settings.

Go to Device Settings  and then tap Motion Settings. The first setting is Enable Motion Detection. 

The Enable Motion Detection setting allows you to change your camera's motion detection without having to Arm your system.

  • Tap Enable Motion Detection off and that camera does not detect motion. If your system is Armed and motion occurs in front of that camera, notifications will not be sent.
  • Tap Enable Motion Detection and hat camera will detect motion.

Note: This setting is the same as tapping the Running Man icon on or off. When you tap the Enable Motion Detection toggle to the off position, the Running Man changes to gray motion detection is not active for that camera. Switching it back on will change the Running Man to blue solid color running man means the camera is active for that camera. 

Learn more about snoozing Motion Notifications.


Icona posticipa

How to Snooze Motion Notifications Use this article to understand how to use the Snooze function in the Blink app. A...

Use this article to understand how to use the Snooze function in the Blink app.

After arming your system, the Snooze icon appears above each camera thumbnail on the Home screen. Snooze allows you to temporarily pause motion notifications. For example, if you are receiving too many Motion notifications from your camera, you can Snooze the motion notifications but the camera will still record clips. The default snooze length is 30 minutes; however, you can select 1, 2, 3, or 4 hour snooze increments.

Starting Snooze

  1. When the camera's system is Armed, Snoozeappears next to the Running Man icon (Motion Detection) blue motion icon.
    • By default, this icon is gray (Snooze is off).
    • If the Running Man icon is gray (Motion Detection is off) motion detection is not active, the Snooze icon does not display.
  2. Tap Snoozeand the bell turns solid blue. A message displays asking you to choose how long you want the Snooze to last. Select 30 minutes or up to 4 hours.
    • Use the checkbox to apply the selected Snooze time to all other cameras on the system that currently have Snooze active.

Stopping Snooze

  1. When Snooze is active, the icon turns solid blue . Tap an active snooze to end it early. A confirmation message displays the amount of Snooze time remaining. You can tap the x in the upper-right hand corner to continue the active snooze or tap End Snooze.
    • The Snooze icon will switch back to gray .
    • Tap the checkbox to end Snooze for all cameras on the system. 

Alexa Snooze Notifications

Alexa will continue announcing events even if you have turned on Snooze notifications for your camera or system. To turn off Alexa Motion Announcements, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Alexa app.
  2. Go to Settings > Device Settings.
  3. Select the device you want to stop the announcements for.
  4. Under ANNOUNCEMENTS, turn off Motion Announcements

If you want Alexa to resume announcing motion notifications, you must turn on Motion Announcements in the Alexa app.

Setting a Custom Snooze notification

When you have a Blink Plus Subscription Plan or trial, you can set Custom times up to 24 hours. Learn more about Blink Subscription Plans extra features and benefits for your devices.

1. Tap Snooze on the home screen and select Custom.

2. Select the amount of time to Snooze your notifications and then tap Start Snooze. You have the flexibility to select any time between 1 minute and 24 hours to stop your notifications.

Your set custom Snooze time will then appear as a notification on the Home screen.

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