How to enable Temperature Alerts

This article shows you how to enable Temperature Alerts and calibrate the temperature sensor of the camera.

Note: The Blink Mini Camera and Blink Video Doorbell do not have temperature sensors; therefore, you will not see this option in their Settings.

Enabling Temperature Alerts

  1. To enable Temperature Alerts, tap the More  button located at the bottom-right corner of the device thumbnail to access Device Settings and select General Settings.
  2. Select Temperature and tap the toggle next to Enable Temperature Alert to turn on alerts.
  3. Next, set your desired temperature thresholds. Repeat this process for any other cameras you wish to receive Temperature Alerts from.
  • Heat Alert can be set as high as 90°F (32.2°C).
  • Cold Alert can be set as low as 40°F (4.4°C).

Calibrating your camera's temperature sensor

If you find that your camera's temperature reading isn't accurate, use the Camera Temperature under the CALIBRATE section. Place your camera near a thermometer and leave the camera there for at least 15 minutes. Adjust the camera's temperature to match your thermometer by tapping the plus or minus buttons.

Fahrenheit and Celsius

  1. Next, tap on Temperature Units and select either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

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