How Do I Delete My Account?


Once a Blink account is deleted, all clips stored in Cloud Storage will be permanently erased, and the connected devices will be removed. Blink Support cannot restore devices, clips, or previously deleted accounts.

Reasons for deleting your account may include discontinuing the use of Blink products, no longer owning the devices linked to your account, or creating a new Blink account with different devices.

Before you proceed with deleting your Blink account, note that once your Blink account is deleted:

  • Clips stored in Cloud Storage will be permanently erased from Blink’s servers and cannot be recovered by Blink Support.
  • Devices connected to your Blink account will be removed, allowing you to add them to a new account at any time.

Note: Once your account has been deleted, you can create a new Blink account using the same email address at any time.

  1. In the Blink app, tap Settings Delete icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Account and Privacy, then Account Management.
  3. On the Account Management screen, scroll to the bottom and select Delete icon Delete Account.
  4. A confirmation popup will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of your account. Tap Delete.
  5. Enter your account password and tap DELETE.

An email confirming the account deletion is sent to the email address associated with the deleted Blink account.

If you would like to formally request the deletion of your account and data, please submit your request through our online form.

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