Event Response and your Blink Video Doorbell

Using your Video Doorbell in Event Response

What is Event Response Mode?

Your Video Doorbell enters Event Response Mode if you choose not to add your Video Doorbell to a Sync Module 2 system or connect it to compatible chime wiring. Continue reading to discover your doorbell's Event Response features.

The Video Doorbell automatically exits Event Response when you:

Event Response Features

The Event Response features available in the Blink app include:

*Live View and two-way audio are only available by tapping the motion notification for a doorbell press or motion event within 60 seconds of receiving the notification on your mobile device. 

To learn how to enable motion notifications, visit the "How do I turn on Motion notifications?" section of Event Response Tips below.

Note: The thumbnail automatically updates for each doorbell press or motion event. You cannot manually update your photo thumbnail while your doorbell is in Event Response.

Subscription Features

In addition to the features listed above, you'll enjoy these additional features with an optional Blink Subscription Plan or trial:

*With a Blink Subscription Plan or trial, you can manually update your Photo Thumbnail after a doorbell press or motion event.

How to move your doorbell from Event Response

To remove your doorbell from Event Response mode, you have three options:

Event Response Tips

How do I turn on Motion Notifications?

To ensure you receive motion notifications on your mobile device, follow these guidelines:

  1. Arm your doorbell system.
  2. Tap the More  button located at the bottom-right corner of the doorbell thumbnail to access Device Settings.
  3. Tap Motion Detection  to turn the Motion Detection setting On or Off. To learn more, visit Understanding Motion Detection.
  4. Check your mobile device's system-level settings that control notifications. Visit the following articles for more information:

How do I save setting changes?

You must press the doorbell ringer to save your setting changes when your doorbell is in Event Response. Otherwise, the doorbell requires 24 hours to automatically download any setting updates. This includes arming or disarming the doorbell system or turning Motion Detection on or off. 

Please follow the "How do I turn on Motion notifications?" section above to ensure you receive motion notifications on your mobile device.


What does "Wired power not supported" mean?

If the "Wired power not supported" alert message displays during wiring installation and your doorbell is not connected to a Sync Module, this means your existing chime wiring is not compatible and your doorbell will default to Event Response mode. Your in-home chimes will not sound for doorbell presses. 

To check your chime system's voltage, visit How do I find my doorbell's system voltage?

For troubleshooting, visit the "My wired chime isn't working" section of Troubleshoot the Blink Video Doorbell.

Note: The doorbell automatically exits Event Response mode when it is added to a Sync Module system, or connected to compatible chime wiring. 


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