Mechanical Chime Calibration

A mechanical door chime uses a striker to hit a bell or metal bar to make a distinctive sound when the doorbell button is pressed.

The Blink Video Doorbell can activate your existing mechanical chime when the ring button is pressed. You can change the strength of the chime sound, this is called "calibration".

Calibration is a wired installation step, which can be started from the Doorbell Settings screen of the Blink app.

How to calibrate after install is complete

From the Blink app home screen, reach Doorbell Settings by tapping the Settings icon1637608783271-settings.png for your doorbell.

Scroll down the Doorbell Settings screen and tap Mount with wiring and chime ringing.

Complete the setup steps and select the option for a Wired installation‍.


To calibrate your mechanical chime

Tap Test Sound when presented with the Chime Setup screen.

You are asked to choose a response. If you choose Yes, Chime Sounds Good then you are taken to the final step.


If you select No, Sounds Too Soft Or Incomplete then you are presented with a level selector to choose your own preference. We recommend jumping two units at a time to be sure the change is noticeable.
Tap Continue when finished, and you are presented with the Test screen again.

When you are happy with the volume of the chime, tap Yes, Chime Sounds Good and the Power Analysis step begins. This step is to ensure that the power from your wiring is going to work with the Blink Doorbell.

Power Analysis Successful

A successful Power Analysis shows you a Green checkmark. Tap Continue.

Tapping Done takes you to the app main screen where you can name the doorbell and test it out.

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