My app only works for a short time after installing it

Some device manufacturers add data control features to their version of Android. If data is not available, the Blink app may appear to install and function normally for a time, then stop displaying information at all.

We have found this to be from an Android system setting that stops the Blink app from connecting to the internet. The Blink app needs an internet connection to work as expected.

If the Blink app seems to work normally than suddenly stops working completely, please look for the "Data Usage Control" in your device settings for the Blink app, and change it to "Allow".

Detailed instructions:

On your Android device, visit the "Apps & Notifications > Data usage control" setting and tap the icon for the Blink app. LG phones may use "Settings > Apps > App permissions > Storage".

The available choices are: Allow, Forbidden, Wi-Fi Only, Data Only

Tap "Allow".

Close and reopen the Blink app, and check that the app is displaying information correctly.

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