Snooze Motion Notifications

The new Snooze motion notification feature allows you to pause motion activated notifications for a set time period, so you can avoid unwanted motion event alerts without having to disarm your camera or doorbell. Pausing alerts by using the Snooze feature does not stop the recording of motion activated clips. This feature is available on all Blink devices and replaces temporarily disarming a camera or disabling motion alerts during known activity. 

Snooze settings are on an account level; therefore, notifications are paused on all mobile devices that are logged into the same Blink account, when Snooze is set for a specific camera or video doorbell. When Snooze is enabled for a device, you will continue to receive Alexa motion announcements if that routine is enabled on that same device.

Before you use the Snooze feature you will need to arm your system, enable motion detection on your camera(s) and enable motion notifications on your mobile device. Click to learn more about how to arm your system for motion detection and how to receive notifications of motion detection.

The Snooze option and icon only appears for an online device when a system is armed and that device has motion detection enabled, which is indicated by the blue Running Man icon blue motion icon. When a system is not armed, the Snooze icon will not appear. Tap on the Armed button at the bottom of the home screen to enable this feature.

When you arm your system to use Snooze for the first time, you will see the following screen which explains the benefits. Tap GOT IT to continue.

With your system now armed, you will see the Snooze icon to the left of the blue Running Man icon. The Snooze icon displays as grey outlined  when disabled and solid blue  when enabled. Tap on it to set how long your motion activated notifications will be disabled.

30 minutes is the default setting. You can also apply the setting to all devices within a system by checking that option at the bottom. The "Apply to all devices" option will enable Snooze on all devices on a system. If you have multiple systems under one Blink account, you will have to repeat the Snooze process for each system.

If you already have one or more devices with Snooze enabled with different times, the "Apply to all devices" option will reset those devices with the new setting. Tap Start Snooze to stop receiving motion alerts.

Next you will see a confirmation on the home screen indicating the devices and time frames that have motion alerts paused. When Snooze is enabled for a camera you will see the blue icon.

How to Turn off Snooze

When you tap on the Snooze icon for a device with the feature enabled, you will see a confirmation with an option to end Snooze for one or all devices. Select End Snooze to complete the process. A Snooze session can also be manually ended by disarming a system.


A confirmation that your Snooze session ended for your selected device will then display at the bottom of the home screen.

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