Viewing Motion Clips in the Blink app

View, mark as viewed, or filter motion clips

  We’ve enhanced the design of the Clip List in the Blink app. If the steps listed in this article do not match your current app version, view the updated design.

Learn how to view motion clips, mark clips as viewed, and filter motion clips for a optimum viewing experience within the Blink app.

Your camera(s) starts recording motion clips after your Blink system is armed. Once motion is recorded, you can view motion clips in the Blink app.

Clip storage locations

When you use Blink cameras, motion clips can be stored in three different locations.

Motion clips are separated by tabs within Clips. If there is only one section that appears in Clips (no tabs), your clips are only found in that storage location.

  1. Cloud Storage clips - Found in the Cloud tab. Cloud storage of motion clips begin when you have a Blink Subscription Plan or you're enjoying a 30-day free Subscription Plus Plan trial.
  2. Local Storage clips - Found in your Local Storage tab. This tab shares the same name as your system name. These clips are recorded onto a USB flash drive plugged into a Sync Module 2 and are viewable from the Blink app. Local storage occurs when you do not have a Blink Subscription Plan.
  3. Backup clips - Found on your USB plugged into your Sync Module 2. Backup clips are not viewable in the Blink app. Backup recordings of motion clips begin when you have a Blink Subscription Plan and a USB flash drive plugged into a Sync Module 2.

How to view your stored clips

  1. From your Blink home screen, you can access all of your motion clips when you tap Clips Clip Roll icon.
  2. Tap any clip to play the video in the clip player. 
    • Newly recorded clips have an orange dot to the right of the timestamp.
    • In the footer of the home screen, a number within a red circle appears above the Clips icon. The number is how many unwatched clips are in the list.

How to mark clips as viewed

Single or multiple clips can be selected and marked as viewed without viewing them. This will remove the orange dot next to the clip.

Note: Marking clips as viewed will be reflected on all other users' devices who share that account.


  1. When viewing Clips, tap Edit in the lower left corner and then tap to select the unviewed clips you want to mark as viewed.
  2. A blue checkmark will appear to the left of the clip. Tap to select multiple clips as needed.
    • To select all the clips on your list, tap Select All
  3. Tap Mark as Viewed in the bottom right of your screen.



  1. When viewing Clips, press and hold on an unviewed clip you want to mark as viewed.
  2. A blue checkmark will appear over the top of the clip thumbnail. Tap multiple clips as needed.
    • You can also tap SELECT ALL to select all your clips. 
  3. Tap MARK AS VIEWED in the top center of your screen.


How to filter clips 

The more clips you have, the more time it will take to sort through the clips you want to see. Fortunately, the Blink app offers a way to filter different clips, clips from a certain system, or clips from certain cameras. The default view shows all clips from all your cameras on all the systems that are available.

This feature is exclusive to accounts attached to Blink subscription plans, within trial periods or accounts created before April 16th, 2020. Edit and filter options are not available when using only Local Storage. Learn about Blink subscription plans and how they work with cloud storage.

  1. To view your clips in the Blink app, tap Clips.
  2. Tap Filter at the bottom of Clips.
  3. Once you're done viewing clip views, tap Done to save the filter and return to your filtered list of clips.

Filtered results

Once you're done setting up your desired filter, tap Done to return to Clips.

○Filter means the default view is showing all clip types, all systems, and all cameras.

●Filter indicates a filter is active. Tap ●Filter to change the filter settings.

Clip types

From the selection view, choose the clip you want to see. A solid blue icon means that clip type is included in the filter results. Tap the icon to select or deselect it. By default, all clip types are selected.

Motion Detection
These clips are the result of a Motion Detection event.
Live View
These clips are Live View sessions.
Photo Capture
These clips are assembled from the hourly images your camera takes in-between other events.
Doorbell Press
These clips are created from Blink Video Doorbell presses.
Person Detection
These clips result from Person Detection events on Blink Outdoor 4 and Wired Floodlight Cameras.

Systems and Cameras

Below the clip type icons, your systems are listed with its corresponding cameras. A checkmark means all clips from that system or camera appear in the filtered results.

By default, all systems, and cameras are selected. To remove a specific camera or system from the clip view, tap the camera name or system to select it. The checkmark will disappear.

Keep filter between sessions
Turn on this setting to save the filter so you can view the same clips every time you use the Blink app.


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